Non-Fungible Use case #2: Embroidery and Sculpture

In our “Non-Fungible Usecase” series, we look for projects that have managed to find a use for NFTs in an original way and bring them to you!

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In our first article on this subject, we explored two scenarios in the case of an artist photographer (@amir5amor) who was looking to do his exhibition while also linking his work to Non-Fungible Tokens.

Different solutions can be applied to many other things besides photography in the field of art, which is why today we are going to present two more examples of art that can use NFTs in future : sculpture and embroidery.

Although these professions are initially associated with craftsmanship, technological progress has made it possible to create tools that can meet the needs of artistic expressions for our greatest visual delight! But due to the successive periods of confinement, the possibilities of exhibition in the galleries have dried up in many parts of the world and it has become vital for many creators to reinvent themselves.

If you’re skeptical you’ll discover that far from being defeated, the imagination of these artists might surprise you!

Embroidery X NFTs

vangart workshop

We can tend to associate embroidery with old tapestries and the visual re-enactment of a myth from ancient Greece and yet thanks to some modern techniques and a revisited vision of what is possible to create with colored threads, a whole profession is coming back to life thanks to a new generation of enthusiasts.

Although relatively little known among more usual creative methods, the art of embroidery is just as expressive and vibrant as other visual communication techniques. 

vangart Soklak

The Vangart company produces these kinds of works in connection with street artists like Sun 7, Sozyone, Soklak or even NED…but the list doesn’t end with just those four names. Although the visual aspect caught our attention, it is also the way in which the NFTs are used that is especially interesting!

Here the blockchain is used for issuing authenticity certificates but interestingly Vangart also has decided to leave the choice up to the buyers in how this happens:

  • If you already have the physical work, just complete the form on the site with the serial number behind the work with your wallet and the NFT will be sent within 48 hours.
  • If you have purchased the NFT, the unlockable content on Opensea allows you to claim the physical work in another form.

In the second situation, it is necessary you check that the token contains the mention « This Token gives you the right to acquire the physical artwork: TITLE OF THE ARTWORK, 2021 by ARTIST N° XX/XX » making you eligible for the physical artwork.

vangart Keymi

In the event you only want to buy the NFT specifically for resale or you take time to decide on the best location for the artwork, the embroidery will be kept safe and protected from damage.

The unlockable content that can be obtained from buying the NFT can only be unlocked once the form requests a link to the token. Vangart then only has to verify that the token is indeed the one corresponding to its unique code to launch production.

On the other hand, if you bought the token on a secondary market place, it will be mandatory to get in touch with the company to confirm if the tokens’ code has already been used!


the vegetal guardian magaldi

This art form, one of the oldest known to humans, has also been refined over time. From a simple chisel and hammer to carve large rocks or blocks of marble to carving in different materials such as wood and metal, casting, turning and molding we have used 3D methods of artistic expression for eons. 

Cutting a tree trunk with a chainsaw or cutting iron with a circular saw is not just simply for practical usages, but also of course for crafting works of art. With the results of the recent pandemic in many parts of the world the restrictions and limited travel and closed galleries, means it has become almost impossible to exhibit or sell works.

xavier magaldi paintings

To innovate in this space, digital technology can come to the aid in a still relatively undiscovered means for artistic expression: virtual reality. This is the bet that Xavier Magaldi (@Xavier_Magaldi) wishes to make so that his art continues to live on and to achieve this, he had the idea of exhibiting his works to the world… thanks to CryptoVoxels!

The exhibition will take place on May 1 at 8PM (CET) but you can already visit the museum of the french community Les Collectionneurs in which the pieces will be located. For the moment, the NFTs exhibited will be digital creations in the form of a map but in the long term, there will be two distinct works: physical sculptures which will have their certificate of authenticity on the blockchain and digital sculptures which will be held directly on chain in the form of NFTs.

xavier magaldi iazzu

To create the link between the physical and virtual works, one avenue that is being explored is in augmented reality. Thanks to the Iazzu application, for example, it will be possible to view digital creations by scanning physical works, thereby creating a bridge between the two worlds!


The inventiveness of artists to appropriate Non-Fungible Tokens is booming and paves the way for new use cases that have so far been little explored. The bridge between the decentralized NFT Universe as well as the real world is a challenge that more and more people are trying to meet, which is nothing but wonderful.

Indeed, even if art is only a tree that hides in the forest of NFT use cases, it is for the moment this particular field which is pushing the limits of what was possible to do so far.

Initiatives are born every day thanks to the possibilities offered by this technology and like all new things, it is important to do all the necessary research before investing in a project. It is important to understand that you are nurturing creators before you have the chance to have a return on your investment if you are going to resell the work you have purchased.

Stay curious and open-minded, we are still at the very beginning of the democratization of NFTs around the world!

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